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About Jasmine

Jasmine’s journey as a DJ began when she attended her first underground rave at the age of 16. Mesmerized by the energy on the dancefloor and the seamless transitions of the DJ, she knew she had found her calling. She began saving up for her first set of turntables, spending countless hours learning the art of beatmatching.

Beyond her skillful mixing, Jasmine’s presence behind the decks became a source of empowerment for her audience. Her sets were more than just music; they were spaces of liberation, where individuals could express themselves freely and connect with others through movement. Jasmine’s infectious energy and engaging stage persona created an atmosphere of unity and celebration.

  • Jasmine is not your typically DJ. She is an entrepreneur, drummer, dancer, creative director,event organizer, music producer. Besides that, she is an actor & toured with the National Theater Den Haag with the theater play Queerplanet & with the RightAboutNowInc. company with the theater play childsplay Tori & The Queen of Disco, the story about disco icon Sylvester. Where she made the soundscapes and also acts in it.

A journey into mental health with DJ Jasmine Perez : “Don’t suffer in Silence”

Through vinyl’s crackle and digital dreams, She conjures magic, or so it seems. Jazz music’s story, she whispers and tells, In melodies and beats, the heart always dwells.

You can call her All That Jazz

Jasmine as a guest at Dutch FunX Radio